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Dental Computer Services & IT Support from an experienced and friendly team located throughout the Southeast.

  • Softdent
  • Dentrix– all versions
  • Eaglesoft
  • Easy Dental
  • eClinicalWorks
  • MediaDent
  • Medical Manager
  • Dental Eye
  • Windent
  • Orthotrac
  • Orthoware
  • Kodak OPMS
  • Orthotrac
  • Orthoware
  • Kodak OPMS
  • Schick
  • ScanX /Vipersoft
  • Housecalls
  • Trojan
  • Kodak WinOMS
  • Kodak OMS Navigator
  • Kodak Dental Imaging
  • Dexis
  • Dentrix Imaging
  • Dimaxsis / Planmeca
  • Sidexis / Sirona
  • Gendex
  • Caesy Education
  • Perio-Exec

Dental Practice Management Software Integration & Dental IT Support

Tired of the finger pointing between your hardware provider and dental practice management software company? Over the last 16 years, AAI has developed the expertise and relationships with all of the major practice management support teams necessary to quickly resolve your dental IT support issues while keeping multiple software packages running smoothly together. Learn more...

Digital Dental X-ray Integration - Realize the savings today!

Digital dental x-rays can pay for itself within one year of implementation.  Savings in labor, chair time and consumables make digital x-ray integration the best way to improve your bottom line in today’s economy.  With decreased radiation and instant delivery, patients love it too! Learn more about how AAI’s digital x-ray solutions can improve your bottom line.

Patient Education and Relaxation

Increase your patient referrals with customized patient education and relaxation technologies. Multi-video source, ergonomic monitor mounting and headset solutions developed specifically for each clinical area within your practice can help make the patient’s visit relaxing and enjoyable. Patients return to work refreshed, delivering the word of mouth referrals every practice needs to grow. Read more about patient education and relaxation...

AAI Dental Computer Hardware

Guaranteed to be compatible with your dental practice management software, with a real onsite warranty.; We don’t expect our clients to open their computers and replace dead power supplies or video cards like Dell and some of the other big hardware providers do. If you have an issue, call us and speak to a live, local technician that can get you immediate results with no techno-babble. Learn more about systems custom designed for your practice’s unique needs…

Dental Practice Expansion and New Construction

Bringing the experts at AAI in on the front end will save you headaches and money on the backend. We work with your contractor from the beginning, to be sure that the conduit, cabling, power and backing are there when we need them. With over 16 years experience in designing total IT solutions for dental practices, AAI has the supervision and technical skills to help you meet your deadlines and have a successful first day in your new space. Read more about AAI IT Project Planning methodology...
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